Ecommerce Metrics for Data Driven Decision

Track location-based revenue, what your customers like to buy, status based revenue, how discount influence sale and many other metrics that make decision making more logical.

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Store's Trends That Make A Difference

Ever wonder what your customers really like to buy?, What sizes are the most popular? Which discount code is influencing sale? Get these answers in our weekly, monthly and yearly reports.

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Advance Revenue Analytics

Understand which city, state, or country brings you the most revenue, how much customers are willing to spend on per checkout, how discount codes are performing and many other analytics for clear data-driven decisions.

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Ecommerce Instant Reports


Daily, Weekly, Monthly Revenue Reports. Location-based segmentation is also included.

Avg Order Value

All Revenue Reports have A.O.V associate with them.

Popular Discounts

Based on applied and revenue brought by discount code.

Popular Trends

Discover your most popular color, sizes, weight and other options used in the product

Payment Gateway

Popular payment gateway and each gateway's revenue per cycle

Revenue by order status

Revenue by order status on each reporting cycle.

Top Customers

Discover your most loyal customers their buying habit and how much they spend

Buying Frequency

Discover when your customers are ready to buy for another purchase

Customers Details

The complete history of the specific customer with total spending, buying frequency, colors and sizes they like.

and many other analytics we are adding frequently...

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