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Targeted email marketing based on buying preference, demography and spending level. Retain your existing customers and increase repeat purchase with a personalized email.

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No More Sitewide Discounts Or Flat 90% Off Offers

Ever wonder why big brands rarely give this much discounts and ever growing? They have the ability to identify the nature of customers and offer the discount that is most favorable to their business and their customers. You can implement the same intelligence and target customers based on many factors including coupons they use, the location they are in, color or sizes they like and many others

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Smart Discount Offering

Instead of offering a discount to all customers you can offer the discount only to the customer who didn't come back in a while.

Smart Discount

How It works

We connect your MailChimp Account with to create a list of your customers and update them every month.

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Based On Location

Target Customers based on city, state or Country

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Based On Coupons

Target Customers based on the specific coupons they consumed.

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Buying Preference

Target Customers based on specific size, color, or other variants they buy.

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One Time Buyer

Target Customers Who only buy once from your store

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Repeat Customers

Target Customers Who placed 2 or more orders.

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Customer At Risk

Target Customers Who didn't buy in a while.

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