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In-depth Revenue Analysis

Understand the top demographic bringing revenue, how discount influence your sale, how much customers love to spend on per checkout and many more valuable metrics to make data-driven decisions

Revenue Metrics
Customer Metrics

Understand Customers Better

Discover customers based on their location, their buying power, and a customer who buy with a discount. Reveal your top 10/100 most loyal customers every month

Analyze Your Store's Recent Activity

Daily reports give you a brief review of store's recent activity about orders, revenue, avg order value, and the product sold. Dig deep into data with the detailed report on store's trend.

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Easy Integration with Ecommerce platform

Our 3 minutes pain-free integrations with most popular platforms.


Key metrics available out of the box

Understand key metrics of your store performance and make a data-driven decision on the go..


Daily, Weekly, Monthly Revenue Reports. Location-based segmentation is also included.

Avg Order Value

All Revenue Reports have A.O.V associate with them.

Popular Discounts

Based on applied and revenue brought by discount code.

Popular Trends

Discover your most popular color, sizes, weight and other options used in the product

Payment Gateway

Popular payment gateway and each gateway's revenue per cycle

Revenue by order status

Revenue by order status on each reporting cycle.

See these metrics in action with your data

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